my Professional life

My ambitions

Leading and developing the customer relationship, while accelerating the customer’s transformations towards sustainability.

My goal is to work with the best leaders and experts in sustainable development.

I progress in my career by developing new skills in this domain. I am looking for opportunities as a business developer in an enterprise or NGO in the sustainable business world.

I am motivated by the challenges of transforming the world’s largest companies into more sustainable ones

I am currenrly open to work opportunities aligned with my values!

The awakening of my ecological awareness

The 80’s


Discovery trip with my primary school of the botany of the Corsican maquis, flora and fauna. http://www.education-pnrc.com
The 80’s
College years

optional course about the Environment

We were 4 pupils discover our environment (both flora and fauna) every Wednesday afternoon.
College years
College years

Oceanography, my love

Internship at the oceanographic centre of Stareso during which I discovered the underwater flora and fauna including the orderly and the posidonia. I discovered underwater life, scuba diving and the dream of making it my profession. www.stareso.com
College years
College years

The Polar Bear

Very affected by the Erika disaster, an oil spill that affected the Brittany coast, I decided to form a collective with my classmates and to mobilise.
College years
College years

Investigative reporter

Already concerned by waste and greenhouse gases, I produced a filmed documentary on the incinerator in my micro-region, the Balagne, and on illegal garbage dumps.
College years
College years

Major Risks

I represented my college in the Corsican assembly in a debate on major environmental risks, i.e. forest fires. I met the volcanologist Haroun Tazieff, fighting the catastrophism in vogue of this period with the hole in the ozone layer and global warming. We had a short interview about volcanoes and the impacts on the Mediterranean region.
College years
The 90's

The organic products trend

During my studies at the University Institute of Technology of Corsica, I chose to do some market research on organic products that were just coming to light for my first year thesis.
The 90's

my Professional experience

Podcaster @ Thinking out of the box with Estelle

A truly inspiring guide, Thinking out of the box with Estelle - Climate Action Tour to explore the ins and outs of sustainable development, the circular economy and value creation mechanisms. Every 2 weeks, my guest and I deliver the best analysis of sustainable development and climate actions., findings and solutions for the planet. 45-minute format, solo or interview.

Founder, Project and Concept Developer @ Myhappybio Connecting Organic friends

SaaS platform which developed and connected a strong and interactive community of organic friends, sharing their knowledge via a mobile application. This platform offered online and network marketing tools (2000 professionals from all sectors in organic products).

Import Export Specialist, Business coach @ Estelle French business consulting

Support of the commercial development of Dutch companies in their exports, at the strategic and operational levels, including at trade shows (organic food products sector). Training on marketing and digital actions (80% self-employed).

Founder, e-commerce manager @ AROMA Stella Platform for Well-being and Beauty

Development of e-commerce platforms : assortment and range of organic products, management of suppliers, referencing and customer orders, product demonstrations and discovery workshops (organic and natural cosmetics sector).

Retail Manager @ Groupe Carrefour

Management and development of non-perishable food departments (product assortment), teams of 15 people lead (schedule, turnover, training), supplier relations, store activities and merchandising, including three consecutive missions of concept relocations to franchisees of the brand Champion at the Carrefour Market brand.

Restaurant manager @ Restaurant Quick

Development of short-term (hourly) turnover, meeting quality requirements and leading teams in a tight flow between 20 and 49 people. Meeting the demands of customers and the restaurant chain. Management of personnel, equipment, stocks.

Commercial BtoB @ Enseigne Azur Publicite

Support of the customer in his decisions until the sales closing. Prospection of new customers, management of customer complaints (advertising signs sector and exterior signage).

Fondateur, agent commerciale multicarte @ Corsica Challenge

Exclusive brand distributor for the Corsica region, inventory management, resale and marketing to large distribution, retailers in all sectors. Independent sales representative for a portfolio of national brands for the Corsica region. Sales, order management, follow-up of deliveries and customer complaints (paid on commission).
2020 - present
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